Thursday, August 28, 2008

thing #6

Well here's mash-up thing that i did. These r my favorite girls. I love them. They're my second family that i can always count on. This picture was taken in Oklahoma at a temple that we were camping at(sunday school stuff). It was an awesome n fun trip.

left to right:jessica,phuong,jennifer,angela tran,angela hang,tiffany and me

click on the pic to get a larger view


Duk Kim said...

I did not know there is a temple in Oklahoma I thought it was just a big open field of clay..LOL

karla said...

that statue behind u looks very nice and white. hahaha.
looks like u had fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought Oklahome would be all ranches but that's cool! Glad you had fun!

SWHS11 said...

Well how come you only have girls as your best friends? I understand they're close to you but is there more to why your best friends can't be guys?