Wednesday, August 27, 2008

thing #5

So Flickr is very interesting. I never used or even heard of it before since i only use photobucket, but they do have many pretty pictures. It's different from photobucket. Some pictures on there are nice and some are very plan.

pretty wet rose

the pic is mine. ill give myself credit 4 it. =]


jamieB09 said...

Hey Lynhda!!!!
I was also THE photobucket user!!
Its was the most efficient website for me to store my pictures. However, I couldn't really find as broad of a variety as I find with Flickr!!
I like love the rose!!
Sooo creative!! =)

donaldb said...

I like the pic that u used from flickr i have never used it and it was aslo helpful to me. I love your pacman game too! :)

living_in_letters said...

what donaldb commented on here made me chuckle! and i have doubts that you yourself took that picture to give yourself credit for it!